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We've made more favorable law for title insurance companies than any other firm.


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Nearly every title insurance company that conducts business in Ohio trusts Sikora Law with their most significant, complex claims and direct litigation needs due to our undeniable depth of experience and overwhelming success rate: 

  • We have 33 appellate case law victories on 25 different subjects with the vast majority of those cases arising from trial court victories
  • We believe we have the best appellate record in Ohio, winning over 75% of all appellate cases we have handled
  • We have three of the most respected Ohio title litigators on our team and have built an entire team specifically to serve title insurance companies well
  • We are extremely involved in drafting Ohio statutes and advancing Bills that really matter to the title insurance industry

Many title insurance companies call upon us for claims of all sizes (small, medium, and large) - anywhere and everywhere throughout Ohio. We deal with the full gamut of subjects that arise in claims and direct litigation involving title and escrow matters.

Contact us today to learn how Sikora Law could help you maximize leverage and obtain favorable results on your title insurance claims and direct litigation matters. 

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Three Best Ways to Use
Ohio's Title Cure Statute to Your Advantage

In the title insurance business, facing situations in which deeds and mortgages are challenged is inevitable. Did you know that there are three easy ways to use Ohio's Title Cure Statute to your advantage when these situations arise?

Our firm invested over seven years of time and effort to lead the overhaul of this statute from start to finish. Download our free guide to learn the three best ways to use this resource to your advantage, thereby reducing your risk of exposure to a loss.


Our Team


Michael J. Sikora III

Managing Partner

Mike has been lead counsel in 25 appellate cases that have made favorable real estate law and has drafted two bills and has been involved in drafting and finalizing several others that have become Ohio real estate law that is beneficial for real estate companies.


Richard T. Craven

Managing Director

Rick is a valued counselor and advisor to our Clients on a wide range of real estate matters. Clients often praise Rick's focused and practical approach to handling their matters.


Alexander E. Goetsch


Alex handles disputes for our real estate company Clients, including title insurance companies, commercial real estate brokerages, and commercial real estate developers and owners of commercial real estate in state and federal trial and appellate courts for more than 20 years.


George H. Carr


George handles disputes and risk management issues for our real estate company Clients, including title matters, development and construction disputes, leases and evictions, brokerage and fair housing/civil rights/ADA issues, and Opportunity Zone advisory services.


William Smith

Of Counsel

Bill is currently practicing as "Of Counsel" in the Cleveland and Columbus offices and is among the most seasoned and respected real estate transactional lawyers in Ohio.


Michael Neiman


Mike is based in Sikora Law’s Columbus office where he provides litigation support in matters involving title insurance companies, lenders, owners, developers, tenants, brokers, and other corporate and individual clients.


Alexandra L. Arasmith


Alex is Sikora Law’s Paralegal based in our Central Ohio Office. Alex received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, with a Minor in Sociology, from Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa in 2008.


Lisa Patel

Legal Assistant

Lisa is the Legal Assistant in our Cleveland office. She supports our attorneys and firm administrator. Lisa has 19 years of experience with litigation and transactional matters and working with lawyers to finalize legal documents. She is able to help our Clients with nearly every aspect of their legal matter.

Lori Kruszynski

Lori Kruszynski

Legal Assistant

Lori is a Litigation Assistant in our Cleveland office. She primarily supports our Cleveland litigation attorneys. Lori has over 25 years of experience, working for two firms before Sikora Law.

Ashley Knapp

Ashley Knapp

Administrative Assistant

Ashley is an Administrative/Legal Assistant in our Cleveland Office. She helps support our firm Administrator/Financial Manager and our lawyers and Clients.